Ministry Leadership


Our Pastor

Elder Moses L. Scott  is founder and pastor of New Hope Ministries International, which began in 1995 as a home bible study. In April of 1999, God opened the doors to a small church in Chesterfield County where Elder Scott began to operate in his calling as Pastor. God has blessed New Hope, under Pastor Scott’s leadership, to grow into a thriving ministry with sister churches in Kenya and Nigeria.

During the early years of his walk with the Lord, Pastor Scott was a member of All Saints Apostolic Church (PAW) in Richmond, VA where he received his calling, preparation and ordination for ministry, under the tutelage of Bishop Robert L. Tapper. During that time, he served as youth leader, youth field worker for the VA State Council (PAW) and worked in the music ministry. In addition, Pastor Scott was a volunteer counselor for the Richmond Family Crisis Intervention Program. 

Pastor Scott is a spirit filled man who loves God and loves the word of God. He is a no nonsense, passionate preacher and teacher, rightly dividing the word of truth. Pastor Scott is a man who has faced many obstacles and challenges that impacted his life. But God has delivered him out of them all! Pastor Scott’s personal life experiences help him to relate to men and women from all facets of life, dealing with real issues and problems and offering them “new hope”. He is called and anointed for such a time as this to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Pastor Scott is a native of Richmond, VA and has been married to his wife Regina, who works side by side with him in the ministry, since June 1975. They have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. 


Our Assistant Pastor

Assistant Pastor, Elder Oliver W. McCutchen Jr.,       

  • Me at a glance.
  • Star Wars over Star Trek.
  • Marvel over DC.
  • Superman over everyone.
  • Photographer + writer + professional creative.
  • 1 wife. (That’s very important.)
  • 3 kids.
  • 0 pets.
  • And my wife says that I’m weird, but good   weird—whatever that means.


Now that we’ve bonded,   here’s the deets.

I grew up in a traditional, southern Pentecostal setting. Being a preacher was not something I aspired to be. I wanted to go to art school, play basketball and be a pseudo-hipster. But God is creative and will use things to shape you that you never saw coming. Like a Holy  Spirit-filled grandmother (Evangelist Louise O’Neal) who maybe planted subliminal messages and subtly lead me along. I realize now how sneaky she was.   (It’s ok, you can laugh.)

I try my best to help people make the word applicable  to their lives. I believe life with God outside the church walls drives the  move of God within the church walls. You could say that I’m like eHarmony, trying to get people to stop swiping left and make some time to sit with God and see what He is all about. I’m not a conformist, but I believe in being  transformational.  I Think Different(ly). 

Thanks God.

Now, the stuff you   were expecting.

  • Accepted the call of ministry in 2003.
  • 2004 - Ordained a Minister under Bishop Tyron Harper,   Pastor, Rose of Sharon Apostolic Church
  • 2006 - Served as Youth Pastor of New Hope Ministries,   Intl. under Pastor Moses L. Scott
  • Music Director at New Hope Ministries, Intl.
  • 2018 - Appointed Assistant Pastor of New Hope   Ministries, Int’l 

      Assistant Pastor Oliver McCutchen Jr. is married to the   beautiful, Lady Kristin

McCutchen. They are a family of all boys, Kahlel, Chase and Parrish.  


Our Elders

Elder and Mother Deborah S. Frye was raised in the Church by her adoptive parents, Professor/Elder John O. Edward and Evangelist Sue I Edwards (founding pastor/Overseer of The Apostolic Faith Holiness Church (now known as New Covenant Apostolic Church) and 8 other churches. These two wonderful people instilled in Deborah a great belief in the importance of service to God and his people. Deborah took on the ministry style of her parents and was baptized in the name of Jesus as a babe. At about the age of six she received the gift of the Holy Ghost and shortly after that, she started singing in the church choir. As her parents traveled from place to place, it was a must to witness to others about salvation. Her mother would give her pamphlets to pass out while she shopped. They would visit the hospitals, the sick and shut in. In 1966, at the age of sixteen, Deborah was ordained as a Missionary. In 1971, her mother appointed her youth Minister. She began teaching bible class, helping in summer Bible School. After the death of her Pastor and Mother, in 1973, she became a watch care member at All Saints Apostle Church, where she was appointed minister of music for about nine years. She was Choir director for the Virginia State Council of the PAW. During these years, she joined the PAW national convention representing the Virginia State Council in the national choir. Deborah attended many conference seminars given through Aenon Bible College, receiving certificates. She was also instrumental in introducing street services and marching for Jesus, Music workshop, and gospel programs.

In 1979, she joined a prison minister at Trinity Baptist Church, and started a community choir. She has ministered music and songs for several churches including, The Bethel Ensemble, The Gospel MC’s, The Men of Song, Mount Calvary Baptist and The Richmond Community Choir. In 1983, she became the minister of Music for the Greater Nazarene Baptist and remained there for seven years. She also worked four years with St. Paul Baptist Church’s summer camp community program. Through the years she has worked in the community to uphold the Name of Jesus.  But it was at Greater Nazarene, that she truly accepted the ministry, did her trial sermon and began preaching at various churches and prison ministries.

Deborah joined with The New Hope Ministries family, in 1999 and with this fellowship she rose to a higher dimension in Christ. She was appointed Mother of New Hope, and a member of the Trustee Board and was ordained Elder in 2003. In addition to preaching, teaching and evangelism, Elder Frye works diligently with the music ministry, children’s Christian education ministry, women’s prison ministry, and oversees the ministry sacraments of communion and baptism. She volunteers her services in whatever area is needed to help build God’s kingdom.

After attending school here in Richmond, she married and became mother of three wonderful children, Deborah, Mary and Gilbert Robinson, adding to that family a loving Daughter-in-law, and thirteen superb grandchildren.