About Us

Our History

New Hope Ministries International, where Elder Moses L. Scott is founder and pastor, was birthed in August 1995 after God called Elder Scott to start a bible study in the basement of his home. This was followed just a few weeks later by Saturday morning prayer. God blessed over the next 3 ½ years and the bible study grew to the point that the basement was no longer sufficient. In April 1999, Elder Scott stepped into his calling as Pastor as God literally opened the doors of a small church in Chesterfield,  VA. This allowed him not only to have bible study and Saturday morning prayer, but Sunday services as well. 5 ½ years later, in November 2004, God miraculously blessed the church to purchase a seven acre, three building complex at its current location in Chesterfield County. Since that time God has extended our New Hope church family to include sister churches in Kenya and Nigeria. 

Our Mission and Vision

  •  New Hope Ministries' foundation is based on the gospel of Jesus Christ, and His love for mankind as revealed in the Holy Bible, which we revere as the unquestionable word of God.
  • We wish to share the power of God’s love with others and extend an open invitation for all to come and experience the love and supportive environment here at New   Hope.
  • We encourage every individual to give themselves over completely to God and develop a personal relationship with Him.
  • We teach that it is by this means that one finds true peace, fulfillment and purpose for life.
  • We value all people of any age, gender, race and social status.
  • We welcome those of other Christian denominations because we are one in the body of Christ. We recognize that these divisional categories were created by man, and are irrelevant in the sight of God.
  • New Hope is a community minded ministry and we encourage each member to share their talents.
  • We are an apostolic, holistic ministry and address all levels of mankind's needs, which are spirit, soul and body.

What We Teach and Believe

  •  We believe that there is one Lord, one faith and one baptism. (Eph. 4:5)
  • We believe that Jesus is Lord. That He is the only begotten Son of God, who died for our sins and rose on the third day and now sits on the right hand of the Father making intercession for us. (John 3:16)
  • We believe that man was born in sin because of the fall of Adam and Eve (Rom. 5:12). And, that the confession and acceptance of Jesus Christ as your personal savior provides salvation from eternal separation from God and deliverance from sin; first, immediately from the penalty of sin (Rom. 10:10); second, from the power of sin, as we grow and mature in God (Rom. 6:14); and third, from the presence of sin, when we go to heaven to be with the Lord (I Thess. 4:17).
  • We believe that God requires us to live a holy life and that holiness is a lifestyle, not a denomination. (Rom. 12:1).
  • We believe that we are justified by faith and sanctified through the power of the Holy Spirit and word of God (I Cor. 6:11; & Gal. 2:16).
  • We believe that the word of God, when properly taught and applied, does change lives. (Isaiah 55:11; Heb. 4:12 & Rom 1:16)
  • We believe that the power of God should be evident in our lives producing good works. (James 2:17-18)
  • We believe the body of baptized believers (the church) should come together for regular worship and fellowship. (Heb. 10:25)
  • We believe in water baptism (full immersion) and that baptism is an outward expression of an inward conviction. (Acts 2:38).
  • We believe in the baptism and indwelling of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2:4).
  • We believe that God is still working miracles and healings in this present church age. (Mark 16:16-18).
  • We believe in the operation of ministry gifts within the body of baptized believers (the church). (I Cor. 12:4-11 & Eph. 4:11-12)